Tennis Betting – Strategies and Tips for Tennis Betting in India 2023

Tennis is emerging as a popular gambling sport in online gambling, and you have probably heard of many tennis betting strategies in the gambling world. The best tennis betting strategy may seem difficult to understand based on the complexities involved, but when explained carefully, even the most complicated strategy will seem simple and help you make reasonable bets. It is imperative to look deeper into the tennis markets to learn about the best tennis betting strategy that will increase your chances of winning your tennis bets.

Areas covered in this best tennis betting strategy guide

When you’re looking for the best tennis betting strategy, you’re inundated with way more information than you can handle. To filter this information, here are a few bullet points for you:

  • Betting on points is quite riskier than other tennis betting strategies.
  • A player can increase his winning potential with server and defence stats.
  • Bet on handicaps to get more profit with less risk.
  • Bet on the sets and the correct set amounts on matches with unpredictable outcomes.
  • Since the outcome of the match is relative, you cannot lose money if you bet on the totals.

Your pre-match checklist for success

Tennis bookmakers offer plenty of options when it comes to betting. The number of active lines is directly proportional to the level of competition. Nevertheless, we see the operators offering markets such as total match games, tie-break match games, correct score sets, handicaps, etc. Like other sports, the tennis odds also specify how you can get out of a specific bet according to the outcome. By applying the best tennis betting strategy, you can increase your chances of winning the bets you place.

Factors to consider for the best tennis betting strategy:

Tennis is not as easy as other games. There are many reasons that come into consideration when you bet and that you should consider when developing the best tennis betting strategy. Here are a few factors that affect tennis results:

  • Court and Weather Conditions:  Tennis matches depend on the type of court surface – clay, carpet, grass, artificial clay, hard or acrylic. The type of court conditions influences the bounce of the tennis ball, the dynamics of the players, and their playing strategies. Tennis players are usually given about 1-2 weeks to adapt, but it is not possible for any player to fully adapt to the surface of the court, which is why they are affected by it. Aside from the track surface, most games suffer from fatigue due to the weather conditions. The best tennis betting strategy should take into account the predicted weather on match day: heat, wind, and rain.
  • Motivation: Motivation is the most important factor that influences both the player and the gambler. You need to know the psychology of the player before betting on him. It is important to know how he is going to behave and what all the reasons are that will affect his motivation. Some of the important reasons are the winning prize, tournament class, and home or away condition.
  • Ranking and physical condition: Winning is highly dependent on the physical condition of a player. On Gambling Guy, you can find explanations about different playing styles for different courses. Based on this explanation, you can learn more about the physical condition of a player on a particular field surface. The main element that determines the player’s state is the current ranking. By watching a few of their matches, you can place reasonable bets and hone your best tennis betting strategy.
  • The human factor: Tennis is the kind of sport where you are asked to pay more attention to the battles. You will often encounter tough rivals that will cause problems for your bets. While it’s not difficult for a top player to beat a lesser-known athlete, the rivals can earn you some decent money.
  • Statistics: You cannot predict a match before it starts unless you have a detailed analysis of the statistics. By going through it, you will have all the necessary information about the initial game, including the world of figures.
  1. Betting on Points: Bookmakers do not allow players to bet on the next point. As a result, you have to wager every 2 points to get around the broadcast delays. The two bets lead to costly mistakes but can also lead to decent profits. Make sure to follow the odds and scores from time to time.
  2. 50-50 lottery: It may seem like a simple lottery, but you can increase your winning potential by betting that the first pointer belongs to the person who serves. The server usually has the advantage unless he is weak at serving. The outcomes, on the other hand, are variable depending on the benefit.
  3. Handicap Betting: To make bets more profitable, you can choose the handicap strategy to overcome the odds of winning. When two strong favourites are playing, you can use this betting strategy and place bets on longer odds with a two-goal lead instead of placing match bets on shorter odds.
  4. System Betting: One of the best tennis betting strategies is system betting. You are not betting on a particular player to win, but simply to perform well. The idea of system betting is to add positive and negative handicaps to the player. If you bet on a player after the handicap has been applied, you can increase your chances of winning the bet, regardless of who wins the overall match.
  5. Betting on sets: Betting on sets can eradicate the predictability of tennis betting. It might get a little trickier, but choosing the right amount can benefit you. Depending on the type of bet, there are only a few possible outcomes, and you choose the most likely one.
  6. The Margin: You can also bet on the score by looking at the margins of the first set. Instead of opting for the best outcome, a best tennis betting strategy is to bet that your favorite will win by a certain margin to earn with better odds. The profit margin is usually used in in-play markets.
  7. Betting on totals: in some matches, the results are clear. Gamblers take the opportunity to bet on totals rather than on the winner or method of winning. Betting on totals is irrelevant to the player; you just need to make an educated guess about the total score.
  8. Total Games: If you want to use ante-post betting, you can choose the total number of games by predicting the number of sets a game will have. By guessing how easy the set will be, you can predict about 25 games to win good money.
  9. Betting on the Tournament Winner: If you get bored of betting on the matches, you can bet on the winner of the tournament. Betting on the winner is easier than predicting the sets, totals, scores, or double faults, and you have time to apply the best tennis betting strategy.

8 expert tips for successful tennis betting

Here are some helpful tips to help you hone your best tennis betting strategy:

  • Study the players’ styles of play by becoming familiar with the different tournaments. Know how one tournament differs from another. Remember or record all winners for easier and faster decisions.
  • Understanding tennis psychology is important in live betting. Since a tennis match lasts 4-5 hours, the players are under tremendous pressure. If you feel that someone is going to make a mistake because of the situation, take advantage of that.
  • Don’t rely on the odds ratio. Before you place the bet, choose the match and do not check the bookmaker’s odds ratio. Initially, start by analysing and comparing the players and thinking about the odds. Then compare your odds with the bookmaker’s bets so that you get a
  • The odds given at the beginning of the year are different from the odds you see on every game. They change with regard to the results and the player’s form. Watch for these changes to make bigger profits.
  • Observe all tournament events. Regardless of the matches, long, short, tight or loose, consider the situations where you have seen surprising results to regulate your bets.
  • Watch the tournament draws to know the player who has a possible chance of winning the tournament. By determining whether the player is a seeded player or not, you can make a good value bet.
  • There are trends in every game and the case is no different from tennis. According to these trends, certain players outperform others. Some players are also known to have mental blocks against certain opponents. Note them down.
  • Stay calm even if you lose big on the bets. Anger is a dangerous element, and it can push you to make foolish decisions.

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Best Tennis Betting Strategy—Closing Thoughts

In the best tennis betting strategy, rewards are proportional to risk. After doing enough research and keeping your eyes peeled, you can choose the best winner. Most of the strategies are attractive and can convert small and large bets into cumulative winnings. After understanding the volatility of the market, go with one of these lucrative strategies by considering the compression, the pressure, and the loose points. We at Gambling Guy provide you with the best tennis betting strategies for each tournament so you can develop your own best tennis betting strategy. This will help you win money by minimising losses while benefiting from a wide range of bets.